James erving

People focused, process oriented, problem solver.


Hi, i'm James.

I'm passionate about helping businesses grow.

I currently lead a sales and customer success team at Fathom, a software (SaaS) that helps businesses turn their accounting data into an asset and make better decisions.

I focus on building the right team, paired with the right process, to deliver great outcomes.
I love solving problems and finding the balance of efficiency and output in a process.
I'm always thinking "how can we automate or simplify this process?"

What I believe
Build for your customers.
Take care of people.
Deliver an exceptional experience.

About me
I'm a curious learner, always trying to improve myself and learn about business, health and fitness, and investing.

Outside work, you'll find me in nature, consuming a book/podcast, or researching investments.

Work experience

Customer Success @ Fathom
Sales @ Avvo


I write about investing

No-code investment property calculator (built with Airtable, Stacker, & Zapier)